Short Virtual Presentation & Digital Poster 10th Australian Stream Management Conference 2021

Clyde Creek, how working together pays off. (#4)

Dale F Tunstall 1 , Neil Taylor 1
  1. SureGro TreeMax Australia, Braeside, VICTORIA, Australia

Clyde Creek, in eastern Melbourne has recently been redeveloped. 

Post Civil works, it was noted that sections of the Channel were experiencing higher than intended erosion and deposition. Areas of concentrated flows encouraged scouring.

The erosion control matting provided (SureJute Thick) was being delaminated by high velocity flows, even during average rainfall events. Water flows in excess of 1.6m3/second were being experienced, which is higher than the matting was rated to withhold.

The landscape Contractor (Australian Ecosystems) had concerns that the initial works package may not provide enough scope to satisfactorily prevent ongoing geomorphic changes to the waterway.

Australian Ecosystems engaged SureGro TreeMax Australia to provide solutions to issues inherent in narrow stream design. The Organisations worked together to ensure product selection and installation techniques employed were sound.

A modified species list for susceptible zones with a diversity of rapid spreading rhizomatous aquatic plants, complementing other measures taken. Species selected included River Club Rush, Marsh Club Rush and Australian Gipsywort.

In addition to further strengthening susceptible channel banks were further protected with Coir Logs and Coir Matting. Fastened in with a combination of Stakes and wire.

Large catchment areas  have direct impacts on the carrying capacity of all waterways, in this case a newly aligned, unstable one. Couple this with restricted room and the need to limit natural meandering and there was a need to increase protections to ensure the successful establishment of Clyde Creek.

The additional works undertaken at Clyde Creek demonstrates the benefits that come from partnering. 

  1. Brendan Condon (Australian Ecosystems) Edward Ruska (Australian Ecosystems) Neil Taylor (SureGro TreeMax Australia)
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