Short Virtual Presentation & Digital Poster 10th Australian Stream Management Conference 2021

Pile style – how advanced modelling can inform design of pile field stream bank stabilisation (#28)

Marnina Tozer 1 , Misko Ivezich 2 , Ross Hardie 1
  1. Alluvium Consulting, Melbourne, VIC
  2. Alluvium Consulting, Brisbane, QLD
  • Improved understanding of the hydraulic effectiveness of pile field groynes used for streambank stabilisation within Great Barrier Reef (GBR) catchments is required. This study aims to assist in advancing sound, cost-effective design approaches, thereby facilitating efficient allocation of funding to sediment reduction programs.


  • Eight study sites with unique hydrogeomorphic characteristics were selected to assess the impact of key parameters (e.g. channel width, radius of curvature) on the hydraulic effectiveness of pile field groynes. At each site, three-dimensional (3D) hydrodynamic models will be developed using AEM3D and CFD. The models will investigate the effects on the flow field arising from variation in key design elements of the pile field groynes (e.g. porosity, spacing) at each site. A hydrographic survey will be undertaken at one pile field site during a medium flow event to verify the model.


  • Results from the 3D models will be compared to results from a two-dimensional (2D) hydraulic model (the typical tool used by river engineers). Through an iterative process whereby the 2D model is adjusted to correlate with the 3D results, we expect to develop more accurate approaches for modelling pile field groynes in more accessible 2D hydraulic models.


  • These assessments will inform the development of design guidelines which assist designers in understanding the potential impacts of pile field groynes on river hydraulics and sediment transport processes. Ultimately, this will assist in optimising the design and installation of pile filed groynes, resulting in more cost-effective design approaches for sediment reduction programs within GBR catchments.
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