Alice Blackwood 10th Australian Stream Management Conference 2021

Alice Blackwood

Alice Blackwood and Amy St Lawrence are Aquatic Systems Officers with Blue Mountains City Council, where they co-manage the aquatic monitoring program at over 70 sites throughout the Blue Mountains Local Government Area. This monitoring program has been running since 1998. As part of the Healthy Waterways Team, they have led the development of the Water Sensitive Blue Mountains Strategic Plan and the management of catchment based stormwater management projects such as the award-winning Jamison Catchment Streets to Creeks project. Dr Ian Wright is a lecturer at UWS, where he teaches students in the water quality and water management, environmental planning and environmental regulation areas. His research interests include freshwater ecology, water chemistry and water pollution (science and management). Ian has a long standing interest in the impact of urban development and mining on streams and rivers.

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