Thom Gower 10th Australian Stream Management Conference 2021

Thom Gower

Thom is an environmental scientist and waterway specialist with consulting experience in a range of surface water field investigations. He enjoys combining a passion for the environment with expertise in geomorphology, water quality, hydrology, and drone operations to deliver high quality solutions to clients. He has broad software and technical skills, including in spatial and numerical data analysis, and enjoys teasing apart complex and complicated datasets to solve problems. Thom also has extensive experience using UAVs for scientific data collection, including for assessing geomorphic change in coastal, hillslope and waterway settings. He is a skilled communicator, with a passion for distilling complex concepts and engaging with diverse audiences. Thom has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Geography from the University of Auckland and is a winner of both academic and industry awards, including for his master’s thesis and for his innovative work using UAVs for surface water investigations. In his spare time Thom enjoys all sorts of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, camping, cycling and canoeing.

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