Jamie Kaye 10th Australian Stream Management Conference 2021

Jamie Kaye

Jamie is a Principal Scientist and ecologist with more than 20 years’ experience in environmental condition assessment, monitoring method design, management plan development and reporting, as well as having a background in cartography/GIS and land surveying. He has worked closely with waterway engineers/geomorphologists for many years and has a very good understanding of waterway processes and management methods. Jamie regularly provides the flora, fauna and habitat input to projects involving multidisciplinary teams. He designs and coordinates small to large scale waterway and wetland condition monitoring programs aimed at identifying baseline state, condition trajectories and adaptive management approaches to improve the effectiveness of future works. In reality, Jamie just likes being on rivers and is rarely caught without a fishing rod somewhere in his kit. He also has his own website (riverrambling.com) that provides river paddling travel logs across Victoria and other locations around Australia.

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