David B Fleeting 10th Australian Stream Management Conference 2021

David B Fleeting

I am an architect by training with broad experience in both urban non urban contexts, in Australia and overseas. I have developed an interest in the practical re- use of waste water with particular reference to agricultural and associated uses. I am currently seeking to undertake further studies with Dr Ian Wright of Western Sydney University, working towards a PhD; working title: Waste not want not : Sewage from liability to Asset. A significant case study for this is the Shoalhaven Council / Shoalhaven Water REMS ( Reclaimed Water Management Scheme) I have watched with interest the implementation of this scheme over the last twenty years and have developed a relationship with Shoalhaven Council and Shoalhaven Water. My interest is in the diverting and treatment of outfall to valued re-use and thereby reducing the impact on estuary, river, bay and ocean systems.

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