Nuosha Zhang 10th Australian Stream Management Conference 2021

Nuosha Zhang

Nuosha Zhang – I am a post-doctoral research fellow at Macquarie University. My research focuses on the hydraulic and geomorphic effect of riparian and instream vegetation. In my PhD I used hydraulic modelling, flume experiments, and field surveys to complete the most comprehensive study yet into the effect of instream logs on river-bank erosion. Kirstie Fryirs – I am a Professor at Macquarie University. My research and teaching focus is in fluvial geomorphology and river management. I am probably best known as the co-developer of the River Styles Framework and co-teacher of a portfolio of geomorphology and River Styles short courses for industry both in Australia and overseas. Tim Ralph – I am a geomorphologist with a focus on rivers and wetlands. My research seeks to understand and quantify key fluvial processes, sediment dynamics, aquatic ecosystem function, and impacts from human disturbance. My work informs river and wetland conservation and management in the context of long-term hydrological change and landscape evolution.

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